Wage Garnishment Release

Has the IRS garnished your pay check? We can help you get that garnishment released. Negotiating with the IRS about garnishments is no easy matter, but our team has released hundreds of wage garnishments and will work hard to do the same for you.

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The IRS is the world’s largest collection agency and they have all the power they need to step in and seize your money and property if you owe back taxes.

How does the IRS get a garnishment on your wages? First they notify you that you owe back taxes and you need to send a check or contact them with a reason why you have not paid the tax debt. If you ignore this notice and the ones that follow it, they can issue a notice of intent to pursue legal means to collect the taxes…and that’s all the notice you get. The next notice goes to the payroll department of your employer instructing them to send as much as 75% of your wages to the IRS until the tax debt is settled.

Employers must be in compliance and obey the instructions given by the IRS and deduct the money from the employee’s check. When employers disregard IRS garnishment orders they are in for serious fees. When a taxpayer is considered self-employed, the IRS can and will send IRS wage levy orders to the self-employed taxpayer’s accounts receivable: clients and customers. Once those clients and customers receive the IRS wage levy request, they are mandated to send money they owe the taxpayer to the garnishment department of the IRS. The IRS uses this means of collection activity in order to collect any tax liability.

Having an IRS wage garnishments can cause devastation to a taxpayer’s financial stability. IRS wage levy’s remain in place until the tax debt is paid or removed through other means including an Installment Agreement, an Offer in Compromise or a CNC status. The best way a taxpayer can stop wage garnishments from occurring is by being one stop ahead of the IRS and not allowing them to commence any collection efforts. Please contact us today and find out how can stop a wage garnishment have an existing wage garnishment released.