Switch Your Tax Company

Tax Company Case Overload

Is the tax company you hired making you feel like a Ping-Pong Ball?

Are you getting bounced back and forth from department to department with no one able to give you a straight answer or worse; NO RESULTS!

Time Is Money

Every day that passes your tax debt is accruing interest! That’s right!! Interest is compounded daily and the longer it takes to resolve your delinquent tax debt, the higher the amount grows. While the tax company you hired is making money you are losing  due to case overload.


What you need is results now, not promises. At Signature Tax, our tax attorneys, tax professionals know what is needed to bring a end to your tax problems. Our record of delivering results in a timely manner has made Signature Tax the leading tax resolution firm in the country.

  • Keeping you Informed
  • You will be kept abreast of all the activities on your case.
  • We are available 24 hours a day  7 days a week.

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Call Signature Tax TODAY!  Don’t delay as interest and penalties will continue to accrue every day!