Full Pay Service

When taxpayers retain Signature Tax for our Full Pay Service, they receive all the necessary assistance required to fully pay their outstanding IRS tax debt.  While many taxpayers find it difficult to obtain clear and accurate information about their tax status with the IRS, we provide the current payoff amount for the taxpayer from the IRS directly.   Also provided is a detailed breakdown of the years owing.  Instructions on how to pay the debt will be provided with clarity and utmost respect for the taxpayer.  The attorney assigned to the taxpayers case will be in contact with the IRS to ensure that the payment was properly applied to the account.  Should the payment not be received by the IRS, it is the attorney’s task to contact the IRS and locate the payment and keep track of it’s processing through the IRS’s system.  When the payment has been verified as received and processed, Signature Tax will confirm with the IRS that the taxpayers account is fully paid.  We then request that any and all collection activity cease immediately and any possible liens released.