Facing Trouble with the IRS? Signature Tax Can Provide Relief

Many Americans run afoul of the IRS each year – many through no fault of their own. They cannot pay their tax debt, made a mistake on their tax returns or just didn’t understand the appropriate tax code. Who can blame them? The US Tax Code is massive, confusing and filled with places for the inexperienced to make a mistake.

The tax professionals at Signature Tax realize that receiving that dreaded letter from the IRS that states their intention to audit you or the that you owe several thousand dollars in fees, penalties and back taxes can be one of the worst moments of your life. The prospect of an audit, levy or garnishment is frightening. Even more frightening is the paralysis of not knowing what to do to solve the problem.

Well, the professionals at Signature Tax can help. In fact, they help thousands of people each year. They offer a variety of services designed to help people facing trouble with the IRS and state, and the key to identifying which of these services you need is the initial consultation.

Many tax relief services charge for this initial consultation. Not Signature Tax Service. No, their 15-minute initial consultation is offered completely free of charge.

The consultation is essential to the process of helping you through your tax troubles. During the initial consultation, the tax professionals at Signature Tax Service ask pointed questions designed to get to the root of your tax problem and discover the best and most-effective ways to help you solve that problem.

After a free 15-minute tax consultation, you and your tax consultant will know which of the many services offered by Signature Tax Services will best alleviate your current tax-debt problems.

Among these services are methods to alleviate or negotiate down your tax debt such as an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement and tactics to stop collection attempts such as declaring a Currently Not Collectible status or negotiating a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy release.

Signature Tax Service also offers programs designed to correct mistakes made by other tax professionals and put a stop to those annoying collection attempts made by IRS revenue officers (collection agents).

Finally, Signature Tax Service offers a host of services designed to help you to establish exactly what your tax obligation is, how to pay it and addressing issues such as filing delinquent tax returns and dealing with audits.

The solutions offered by Signature Tax Service are comprehensive, and they all begin with the initial consultation. To schedule your free 15-minute tax liability please follow the link provided on this page.