At Signature Tax, we do all we can to get involved in conservation of our coastal resources and encourage others to do the same.

Because Signature Tax believes that our children deserve a better Earth, we continually volunteer to provide assistance and help to organization like “HEAL THE BAY” where our employees volunteer their time and weekends to do clean-up. We at Signature Tax, reward our employees by providing all the equipment they might need in these endeavors.

Fundraising tips

Whether you’re an individual or group, at home, work or school, there are all kinds of ways to raise money for charity and have some fun too. Take at look at some of the things you can do.

Organise a fundraising activity yourself
If you’ve got a bit of spare time, there are many ways you can raise money, from the smaller things like selling items on eBay, to organising larger events like a tea party or a gig.

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Join a fundraising group
Joining a fundraising group is a great way to meet people and do some wonderful work too. There are over 2000 groups of NSPCC volunteers in all corners of the country – find out here how to join one or how to set up your own.

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Fundraising at school
Fun and fundraising should always go together. Read all about raising money in schools, from arranging exciting curriculum fundraising activities to organising a collection of old mobile phones.

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Fundraising at work
While you’re earning your bread and butter, why not arrange a work fundraising activity and earn some money for ChildLine while you’re at it?

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Fundraising for a celebration
Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations are the ideal way to raise money for charity, from asking for donations instead of presents, to buying NSPCC wedding favours.

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Fundraising in memory of a loved one
Raising money in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to offer a lasting and practical tribute to their name. Find out more about NSPCC Tributes Funds here.

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